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Based on a 30 minute personal phone interview, colors, sacred symbols, scenes from nature, spiritual traditions, and intentions for wellness and manifestation are discussed to create a custom piece that moves and inspires you or the person receiving your gift. A personalized blessing note accompanies each mandala, explaining the meaning of the symbolism and ways to integrate the mandala into your life.


Custom Mala Jewelry can be added to your order based on a pendant detail with soothing gemstones chosen specifically to assist you in manifesting your intentions. Worn close to the heart, blessed with 108 beads, a mantra is given to say as you count each bead.  Each piece may be infused with a custom essential oil blend along with a specific meditation.


Each person's life is like a beautiful mandala (meaning sacred circle in Sanskrit), weaving together the joys and the pains, the shadows and the lights that make up the multi-layered, radiant human beings that we are.  The symmetrical structure of the sacred mandala can be found in the structure of our cells and in the building blocks of the natural world.  When we gain the wisdom to become a silent observer of life, rising above the material attachments and suffering, we begin to see the colors and patterns that make up the mandala of our own lives linked into the one spirit of humanity. May I assist you in reflecting the Mandala of your Unique Spirit.  May I serve you in transforming your suffering into liberation through discovering the clarity of your authentic heart's desires. May we contribute to the peace, happiness, awakening, and illumination of the one spirit.

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