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Dear Ruth,


I received the mandala today. Great timing! I leave for London tonight and will give this to my daughter tomorrow. It's beautiful, and so well thought out--it is a lovely thing for our family to have.Thank you, Ruth!



Tracey Ullman, Grammy Winning Comedian and Actress, London


Whenever I look at my mandala painting, the image uplifts me. It captures the joy I feel around nature and the way I relate to and love the world in the deepest depths of my heart. It brings me joy and it reminds me of who I am if I am ever down in the dumps. It is on my work desk and I look at it daily.


Thank you, Ruth!


Teri, Performer, NYC

For over 15 years, Ruthie Cissé (pronounced see-say), has created hundreds of Personalized Mandalas--circular meditative paintings for focus on mind/body/spirit wellness--to inspire clients to see the beauty of their pure essence. Deeply inspired by researching spiritual traditions, archetypes, sacred symbols, and the work of Carl Jung, she assists clients in exploring the symbolism they feel drawn to for focus on internal awakening and intentions for well-being through receiving the visual prayer of their Custom Mandala. Her work hangs in private and public collections worldwide, and she has exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum, Adidas/Wanderlust Yoga Line Launch, Sotheby’s, and Barclay Center.  After receiving her BFA from the University of Michigan, she began a lifelong path to bridge the connection between art and wellness. She continues to build compassion and cultural awareness through Mandala art and yoga education within her NYC community, where she resides with her husband and 3 children.
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