In a lesson or workshop, I focus on creating a peaceful, introspective environment, where the subconscious mind can take over, opening for Divine Guidance in the process of creating a mandala. Meditation, yoga, essential oils, and self-care tools are integrated into the experience. Developing technique, exploring new mediums, and revealing your own style and aesthetic are encouraged in an ego-free environment. I am happy to offer my services giving mandala workshops in yoga and wellness centers or retreats.


Private or Group Art Lessons
Community Building Projects

Children's Community Building and Art Auction projects are a wonderful way for children to learn about how art can come full circle.  Developing and executing a classroom project as a team, auctioning the project to the community at large, and raising funds that directly benefit the school help students to connect to how art can build and support their community.  I consult with schools or organizations, develop classroom projects suitable to each grade level, and assemble them into beautiful works of art.  For the past 3 years, I have helped to unite communitiess, raising significant funds for the PS6 Children's Art section of their Annual Auction at Sotheby's NY, where a Rothko-inspired project was backed by donations from the Mark Rothko Foundation.

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